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Distinguished Service Award

The Chicago Section American Chemical Society’s Distinguished Service Awards were established in 1974 at the suggestion of Louis L. Lerner, then the Editor of The Chemical Bulletin.  These Awards recognize members who provided exceptional service to the Chicago Section over, above, and separate from any other achievements or services of the recipient, either in the profession or to the National ACS.

Past Awardees

1974 Victor Conquest
  Roy C. Newton
  Otto Eisenschimi
  Arthur Guillaudeau
  Bernard E. Schaar
1975 Hoylande Young Failey
  Byron Riegel
  Ward Eans
  Carl S. Miner
1976 David Klien
  Ernest H. Volwiler
  M. H. Arvenson
  P. N. Leech
1977 William A. Converse
  Benjamin B. Freud
  Robert J. Reinarts
  Helen Selin
1978 Walter S. Guthmann
  Charles De Witt Hurd
1979 Richard W. Mattoon
  Herbert E. Robinson
1980 Herman S. Bloch
  Julius D. Stieglitz
1981 Vivian B. Biske
  Edward G. Rietz
1982 Bernard S. Friedman
  Paul Van Cleef
1983 Clifford W. Crosby
  J. Fred Wilkes
1984 James J. Doheny
1985 Roy H. Bible
1986 Carl E. Moore
1987 Elaine R. Anderson
1988 Nellie M. Payne
1989 Louis J. Sacco
1990 Thomas J. Kucera
1991 James P. Shoffner
1992 Margaret Lally Huston
1993 Herbert S. Golinkin
1994 Steven Sichak, Sr.
1995 Marie Ann Lishka
  Adele Rozek
1996 Gayle E. O'Neill
1997 Fran Karen Kravitz
1998 Marilyn Kouba
1999 Charles E. Cannon
  Jay S. Curtice
2000 Ellis K. Fields
2001 Stanley W. Drigot
2002 Cherlynlavaughn Bradley
2003 Lawrence E. Thielen
2004 Lawrence U. Berman
2005 Seymour Patinkin
2006 L. Jewel Nicholls
2007 Barbara Moriarty
  Louis Lerner
2008 Margaret Stowell Levenberg
2009 Susan M. Shih
2010 Russell Johnson
2011 David Crumrine
2012 Sanford Angelos
2013 Milton Levenberg
2014 Frank Jarzembowski
2015 Richard Cornell





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