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  1. No later than October 15.            
    Nominations are to be made by a committee composed of five former Section Chairs,  being Chairs of the Section from 8 to 12 years previously and the current Section Chair-elect. The earliest Chair shall serve as Chair of the Nominating Committee and the Election Jury and shall, with the Section Chair of the year of the Award, sign the Award plaque.

    The Chair of the DSA Committee shall request from each member of the committee, the names of three nominees of either living and/or deceased members.  To assist the committee, the Chair of the DSA Committee should supply a copy of the Guidelines, a  list of all former Awardees and a list of those nominated in previous years but not elected. Chicago Section service records or previous statements should be included.  This information is on the computer in the Section Office.
  2. No later than November 15.
    The deadline for the nominations should be November 15 or earlier as designated by the Chair of the DSA Committee.  The names of all those nominated are returned in a ballot form for ranking, as candidates along with updated Section records on the nominees.  This ballot should be sent to the Nominating Committee within ten days.  All ballots are to be returned to the Chair of the DSA Committee by December 31.
  3. No later than January 15.
    The Chair of the DSA Committee shall prepare a ballot, containing the top two nominees as candidates for the Award.  A record of all those nominated shall be kept. In case more than two are ranked highest, their names shall all be included on the ballot to the Election Jury.
  4. No later than January 15
    Election shall be by an Election Jury comprised of the Nominating Committee, the Editor of The Chemical Bulletin, the Immediate Past Chair, and five current Board members appointed by the Section Chair during the year of the Award presentation.

    The Chair of the DSA Committee shall, no later than January 15, mail or e-mail the election ballot to the Election Jury, along with the names of all previous Awardees and as complete a statement as possible from the Section records of the Section activities of each candidate. The data shall not include biographical information.  The deadline for return of the election ballots shall be no later than February 15.
  5. No later than February 15.
    After the ballots are returned, the Chair of DSA Committee shall count the ballots.  In case of a tie, the Section Chair will cast the deciding vote.  An audit of the ballots should be completed by the Section Secretary prior to the announcement of the results. An announcement of the results should be made at the next Board meeting.
  6. The Chair of the DSA Committee along with the Section Office Manager shall handle notification of the Awardee and the Awardees family, preparation of the plaque, requests for pictures, and preparation of a booklet to be distributed at the Award Ceremony outlining the achievements of the Awardee.  Publicity also will be handled by the Chair of the DSA Committee, The Chemical Bulletin Editor, and the Chair of the Publicity Committee.
  7. The Award shall be presented by the Chair of the DSA Committee at the April Section meeting.
  8. A final report should be prepared for the Section's Annual Report and submitted to the Section Chair.  A more complete report containing correspondence, ballots, service records of the nominees, and a copy of the final booklet for the Award Ceremony shall be placed in the Section office DSA file.  The Awardee’s picture should be placed in the permanent DSA Album, and the nomination list with service records and the list of DSA Awardees kept on the disk in the Section office's DSA file should be updated.
  9. An amount sufficient to cover the cost of the plaque, pictures, booklet, and dinners, shall be included in the annual budget of the Section


--- Marilyn Kouba, October, 2005
---Updated December 2014 by Milt Levenberg to include paragraph 3 left out of the original draft.



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