Chicago ACS Chemistry Day
Free Admission * Saturday 4 November 2000 * Free Parking

Loyola University Chicago Lakeshore Campus
Devon & Sheridan Rd   --   Loyola stop on the CTA Red line

Flanner Hall (next to parking garage)   Wheelchair accessible

Young Chemists Committee having fun                           9:00am

Contests and Hands-on Fun for Kids of all Ages  	    9:30am -2:00 pm 
	Light, Spectroscopy, and Color in our daily lives                    3rd Floor Flanner Hall
	pH with Cabbages is pHun
	Poster Making for Chemistry Day (Medichem Res.)

Chemistry Demonstrations: 				10:00am -2:00 pm
	Organized by Carl and Charlotte Anderson		2nd  Floor Flanner Hall

Exhibits from Industry, Academia, and Government Agencies
									1st, 2nd, 3rd Floors Flanner Hall

Presentations: 9:30 am-2:00 pm FH-133 Lecture Hall
  • 9:30 am   Chemistry Sites on the Web: Use Them and Learn
    Carla Lee, Loyola University Chicago

  • 10:00   The Water Cycle
    Bob Brummond or Norman Rose of the I W E A

  • 10:30   Environmental Chemistry, Uses of Microscale Electrochemistry
    Dr. Jorge Ibanez, Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City & LU Chicago

  • 11:00   Mercury: What You Should Know
    Steve Sichak, Am. Chem. Soc. Committee on Safety

  • 11:30   Drug Identification in the Field and in the Courts
    Dr. Sandy Angelos, Federal Drug Enforcement Administration

  • 12:00   The Human Genome Project: Update and Implications
    Dr. Dan Celander, Loyola University Chicago

  • 1:00   "Is it Chemistry or is it Magic?"
    Dr. James Webb and Dr. Otis Rothenberger, Illinois State Univ., Normal, IL
Sponsored by: Chicago ACS Section, Phone: (847) 647-8405
AIChE ,   Chemical Industries Council of Illinois,
ChemWest,   Loyola University Chicago

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