Call the Section office at: (847) 647-8405 to volunteer to help on any of these committees!

Awards Paul Adlaf
Budget/Office Affairs Adele Rozek
Bylaws/Policy Sanford Angelos
Chem Health/Safety Steve Sichak and Larry Berman
Chemistry Week Dave Crumrine and Tom Kucera
Chicago School Bd Liaison Nat Gilham and Liz Cozzi
College Education Charles Cannon,
Continuing Education Fred Turner and Marsha Phillips
Elementary Education Kathleen Carrado
Employment Bob Shone and Anthony Toussaint
Endowment Paul Labine
Gibbs Arrangements Margaret Levenberg,
Great Lakes Reg Mtg Delegate Marilyn Kouba
High School Education Ann Levinson, and Ami LeFevre
Hospitality Allison Aldridge,
House Frank Jarzembowski
Kids and Chemistry Kathleen Carrado, ,
Long Range Planning Tom Kucera
Membership Affairs Guy Rosenthal,
Middle Grd/Jr High Marsha Phillips
Minority Affairs Woody Johnson and Darryl Prater
Professional Relations Seymour Patinkin
Program Keith Kostecka and Diane Kozelka
Project Seed Cherlyn Bradley, Charles Cannon (
Public Affairs Barbara Moriarty and Jim Shoffner
Public Relations Marsha Phillips
Young Chemists Committee Allison Aldridge (
Topical Groups Dave Crumrine, Margaret Levenberg,
Web Liaison Margaret Levenberg,

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