April 2003 Meeting
Speaker:   Dr. Michael Pellin
Argonne National Laboratory
Topic:   Analytical Chemistry of Star Dust
Friday, April 25, 2003
Location:   Midwest Conference Center
401 W. Lake Street
Northlake, Illinois 60164
16th Floor, Skyline Room

Abstract:     Among the major challenges facing analytical science, quantitative trace analysis of atomic scale samples is among the most difficult and the most important.   The difficulty arises from the need to count the few atoms available in a particular sample with high - nearly unit efficiency, while discriminating against the vast excess of bulk atoms.   The importance arises from the needs of the semiconductor industry where shrinking device features ultimately will require the detection of single deep level trap atoms present at the ppt level.   In the future nanotechnology will also drive analysis toward this atom counting limit.   Trace elemental and isotopic analysis of micron sized SiC grains culled from the Murchison meteorite demonstrate the limits and power of new trace analytical methods developed with high useful yields and high discrimination for mass spectrometric analysis.   These microcrystals condensed in stellar outflows and have remained unchanged during the formation of our solar system.   The geminate isotopic record contained in this "stardust" gives important clues into the mechanisms of stellar nucleosynthesis.

Biography:     Dr. Michael Pellin received his B.S. degree in Chemistry from Northwestern University in 1974 and his Ph.D. degree in physical chemistry from the University of Illinois (Champaign) in 1978.   Dr. Pellin has been a scientist at Argonne National Laboratory since 1978.   Currently he is a Senior Scientist and the Associate Division Director for the Materials Science Division.   His research is directed at Surface Chemistry and includes the development of Resonant Photo-Ionization Mass Spectrometers.   These instruments are the most sensitive in the world for trace analysis of small samples.   His research has resulted in 11 patents and over 150 publications.   His work has resulted in an Energy 100 award, a University of Chicago Distinguished Performance Award, a Special Award for Excellence in Technology Transfer, and an IR-100 award.

A meeting of the Chicago Section JOB CLUB will be held at the Midwest Conference Center at 5 PM. The JOB CLUB provides a continuing opportunity for unemployed members of the Section to meet one another, share their experiences and develop a network that may help in identifying employment opportunities. Bring plenty of resumes and business cards to distribute to your colleagues.

Should you wish to attend the Section meeting following the JOB CLUB, the fee for unemployed members is only $14 and you can continue your networking activities over dinner.

Topical Group Presentation

"Section Finances: Budgetary and Fiduciary Interactions" presented by Dr. Thomas Kucera

Topical Group Meeting: 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Social Hour: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Dinner: 7:00 PM
Meeting: 8:00 PM

Cost:  $28.00 for members of ACS/ $30.00 for non-members/ $14.00 for students & unemployed members

Reservations:   (847)647-8405   
                    by noon, Tuesday, Apr 22

Please honor your reservations. We must pay for all dinners ordered. No-shows will be billed.
Map and Directions:
From Chicago: Take I-290 west to the Lake Street east exit (13A). The conference center's entrance is 1 block straight ahead.   The Conference Center shares the facility with the “Concord Place Retirement Community”.   It is the 16 story tall building just east of I-290 at the Lake Street exit (Route 20).

From the South: Take I-294 North to I-290 west. Go to the Lake Street exit 13A. The conference center's entrance is 1 block straight ahead.

From the West: Take I-290 east to the Lake Street east exit (13A). The conference center's entrance is 1 block straight ahead.

From the North: Take I-294 south to the I-290 west (Route 20, Lake Street) and Route 64 (North Ave.) exit. Immediately exit off of I-290 onto Route 64 west. To head east on North Ave., towards the conference center, turn left onto Berteau (your first stoplight), turn left onto Third Street, turn left onto Clinton Street, and then one final turn RIGHT BACK ONTO North Avenue. Stay in the right lane, follow signs to Rte. 20 (Lake Street). The conference center is 1 block straight ahead.



  • Soup DuJour
  • House Salad
  • Chicken Chausser or
  • Salmon Oriental or
  • Vegetarian Eggplant
  • Garlic Whipped Potatoes
  • Baby Carrots with Walnuts and Honey
  • Peach Melba

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