November 18, 2005 Meeting
Joint with the Chemistry Department
of Loyola University
Education Night

Change of program:  Mr. Baum has had a family emergency and will be unable to join us for the November meeting.  Please join us to hear instead —

Peter Lykos
Prof. Peter Lykos

Professor of Physical Chemistry
Illinois Institute of Technology

"Project-Based Learning "

Date:  Friday, November 18, 2005
Location:    Loyola University
Chemistry Department/Flanner Hall
1068 West Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL 60626

Cost:  $9.00 for members of ACS and their guests, $9.00 for non-members, $9 for students or unemployed


5:00 PM  Registration, Flanner Hall Lobby
5:00 - 6:30 and 7:15 - 8:00  PM -- Topical Group meeting:  Poster Session featuring Loyola Chemistry Student Research
Tour of Loyola Chemistry Department and new Life Science Center
5:30   Job Club
6:30  PM Dinner at the Simpson Living Center (south of Flanner Hall across Sheridan Road)
8:00  PM Scholarship Awardees honored (in Flanner Hall).  List of winners
8:15  PM General Meeting and Speaker in Flanner Hall

Project-Based Learning

Abstract:   Ten years ago IIT's Board of Trustees accepted the report of its National Commission on the Future of IIT.  Many changes were recommended and implemented.  Tonight I will share with you the creation of IIT's Interprofessional Projects (IPROs) program whereby all BS candidates must complete two IPROs as part of ther graduation requirments.  While other engineering schools have versions, IIT is the only university that has a team based approach to interdisciplinary problem solving as a general education requirement for all bachelor degrees.  I have conceived of and guided 16 IPROs since 1998 as well as having studied the phenomenon and helped in its evolution.  A specific recent focus for me has been an UG focus in Robotics.  Currently IIT conducts about 35 IPROs each semester. Visit for more information.

Biographical Sketch: 

At IIT, Peter Lykos has engaged in the usual activities of a Professor of Physical Chemistry.   He has taught undergraduate physical chemistry over many years, created a set of four senior courses in complementary aspects of computers and chemistry, created new graduate courses in aspects of physical chemistry, and served on many departmental committees that led to major revisions and upgrades of undergraduate and graduate curricula.

On a campus-wide basis he served as Associate Dean for Academic Planning in the Armour College of Engineering and Science.  He has served in several elective offices including chair of the Faculty Council on two occasions.  In addition, Lykos created the IIT computer science department (from startup to 35 undergraduate and graduate courses, the fifth-largest academic program (credit-hour production) of 25 IIT departments), and the IIT computer center (including migrations across five increasingly powerful mainframe computer platforms).

Lykos created the IIT Interactive Instructional Television system (IITV).  IITV achieved self-sufficiency with his marketing effort that brought 17 remote industrial and national lab sites on board over 17 months.  He also arranged for a proof-of-concept location for an IIT satellite campus, IIT West, at the College of DuPage in the western suburbs of Chicago. The success of IIT West over just five semesters led to the current Rice Campus in Wheaton, IL.

Lykos was elected a member at large of the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences and appointed Chair of the newly formed Committee on Computers in Chemistry.  While so positioned, he took advantage of being in Washington, DC, for two years as a Rotator at the NSF creating the Computer Impact on Society Section, to lead a national movement to create the National Resource for Computation in Chemistry (at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, California).

Another ACS activity of note is with the Chicago Section of the ACS.  Early on Lykos accepted chairmanship of the education committee.  He restructured it into four subcommittees (K-12, college, graduate and continuing) - all with a budget.  Lykos also organized a one-day conference at IIT focused on computers in the research laboratory with detailed proceedings that were widely distributed.  When ACS President Pimentel instituted National Chemistry Week, Lykos arranged for a National Chemistry Day (NCD) celebration at IIT under his original theme, Chemists Are The Human Element.

Two other National ACS activities of note are: (1) creation of the ACS Division of Computers in Chemistry (COMP) in 1974 that is averaging some 300 technical papers at the semiannual ACS National Meetings and (2) creation of the Materials Chemistry Secretariat in 1991 (MTLS) that involves 14 ACS Divisions as an association. MTLS conducts symposia of from 30 to 60 papers at all Fall ACS National Meetings. 

Map and Directions:
Flanner Hall is located on the Lake Shore campus of Loyola University, near the intersection of West Sheridan Road and Winthrop. See map and directions on our website, with links to Loyola maps.

Parking: Enter the campus at the intersection of Kenmore and Sheridan Road and bear to the left. (See map.)  Parking is available at the parking deck next to Flanner Hall for a $6.00 change. Enter the garage at the entrance marked “Faculty, Students, Guests, Visitors.”  When leaving the garage, first purchase an exit parking ticket at the pay station machine located near the garage stairs and elevators.


Simpson Living Center 6:30 PM

Dinner will be in the nearby Simpson Living Center and be served student cafeteria style.  The cafeteria provides a large variety of items on an all-you-can-eat basis.  A portion of the cafeteria will be reserved for ACS attendees.  Dinner admission tickets are obtained at the ACS registration table in Flanner Hall for a flat charge of $9.00 per person .

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