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Thursday, January 21, 2010 Meeting
Joint with the AIChE and ChemPharma-


Michael G. Koehler
Michael G. Koehler

Chief Executive Officer
Packer Engineering
Naperville, IL

"Chemists and Engineers in the Courtroom"

Date:  Thursday, January 21, 2010
Location:    European Crystal Banquet Center
519 W. Algonquin Road
Arlington Heights, IL 60005
Parlor BC

Cost:  $35.00 for members of ACS and their guests, $37.00 for non-members,
     $20 for students, retired, or unemployed

Dinner reservations are required and should be received in the Section Office via phone (847-391-9091), email (, or web by noon on Tuesday, January 19.   PLEASE HONOR YOUR RESERVATIONS.  The Section must pay for all food orders.  No-shows will be billed.  Seating will be available for those who wish to attend only the meeting.


5:00 PM Job Club
5:30 PM Social Hour
6:30 PM Dinner
7:30 PM General Meeting

Topic: "Chemists and Engineers in the Courtroom"


Imagine yourself as a juror faced with the responsibility of deciding the fate of a case brought before the courts involving a product failure, a chemical explosion, an environmental contamination, or a toxic fatality. You spend days hearing from both sides, plaintiff and defense, presenting their case. When the case involves science or engineering, the courts rely on experts, who by virtue of their education, training and technical experience in the forensics sciences and the law, can help establish the scientific facts of the case and provide the courts with opinions regarding the evidence.

While the role of courtroom experts and forensic scientists has gained much attention on television shows such as Crime Scene Investigators (CSI), the real life of scientific experts in the courtroom requires a unique set of technical, legal and communication skills. Evidence and scene preservation techniques, sample collection and analysis, documentation and demonstrations are essential elements of the fact finding process. Chain of custody, spoliation of evidence and the Daubert standard are challenged throughout the process. This talk will highlight many of the approaches and techniques used in the forensic sciences and the legal obligations associated with the role of expert witness. We will conclude with a look into how technology is impacting the role of chemist and engineers in the courtroom.


Dr. Koehler is the CEO of Packer Engineering, Inc., a multi-disciplinary engineering consulting and technical services company, offers engineering investigation and analysis, customized and routine testing, accident investigation and reconstruction, and pretrial and courtroom testimony. Prior to coming to Packer Engineering as CEO, Dr. Koehler was involved in a broad range of chemical and process research projects at both Honeywell and Searle Labs including the development and toxicological evaluation of fluorocarbon refrigerants, blowing agents and solvents; polymers and composites; aerospace environmental control systems, air quality technology, aerospace life support systems; advanced coatings; advanced aviation fuels; catalysts; separation membranes; fuel cell technologies, chemical demilitarization, chem./bio protection, as well as environment and sustainability programs.

Dr. Koehler has published extensively on subject areas which include drug design techniques, chemical structure-property relationships, polymer theories, indoor air quality, chemical simulations, fuels properties, and coatings.

Dr. Koehler received his BS in Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Sciences from Loyola University in 1982 and his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in 1986.

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