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Women Chemists Articles

This page will provide articles highlighting women chemists that have made important contributions to chemistry and science in general

January 2004 Introduction
February 2004 Alice Hamilton
March 2004 Madeleine Jacobs
April 2004 Kathleen Carrado
May 2004 Ka Yee Lee
June 2004 Alanah Fitch, Linda Brazdil, and Susan Shih
September 2004 Gerty Cori
November 2004 Jennifer Holmgren
December 2004 Catherine Wojtowicz  
January 2005 Rosalind Elise Franklin  
March 2005 Lin X. Chen
May 2005 Edith Marie Flanigen
June 2005 Hoylande Denune Young
September 2005 Margaret Huston  
October 2005 Kris Salmen  
November 2005 Agnes Pockels  
February 2006 Mary Good   
March 2006 Susan Solomon  
April 2006 Jean'ne M. Shreeve  
May 2006 Fran Seabright  
September 2006 Kristin Bowman-James
October 2006 Henrietta Leavitt
November 2006 Margaret (Marge) Cavanaugh
December 2006 Bette Nesmith Graham  
January 2007 Sharon Vergez Vercellotti
June 2007 Anne T. Sherren
October 2007 Ann Nalley
October 2008 Jeanette Gecsy Grasselli Brown
November 2008 Susan Olesik
April 2010 Sr. Alberic Runde 
May 2011 Astrid Phillips 
January 2015 Rong Wang  New




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