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Bylaws of the Chicago Section PDF or Word Document or on the National site – approved 3/2/12 
Policy Declarations -- PDF, modified 4/16/15
Policy Declarations     – previous version, modified 11/12/14
DSA Guidelines   – created October 2005

Archives of past documents, including past meetings, officers, committee chairs, annual reports, and council meeting reports

In Memory of those no longer with us   updated 10/3/07 

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Links to web pages of interest to Chicagoland chemists

"Organic chemistry is the chemistry of carbon compounds.
Biochemistry is the study of carbon compounds that crawl."
--Mike Adams

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Form to submit a project to the Section office.  Print copy of form, fill out, and submit to Office.
Form to print a check request for reimbursement of an out-of-pocket expense.
Form to submit your committee's budget request for funding for next year. You can right-click and "save-target-as"
Form to print a voucher for donations of goods and services to the Chicago ACS.
Form to apply for Affiliate Membership in the Chicago Section.




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