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The Chemical Bulletin
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The Chemical Bulletin is the official newsletter of the Chicago Section of the ACS, and has been distributed online since 2006. It contains articles about upcoming meetings, events, and activities, as well as features of interest to the chemical community of greater Chicagoland.

We are grateful to our sponsors for helping support this publication; please visit our Sponsors page to view them and learn more about these fine companies. If you would like to become a sponsor, please let the webmaster or the Chemical Bulletin editor know and we will be happy to add you to this page.

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Those requiring a hard copy of the Bulletin may request one at an annual fee of $15 to help defray our printing and mailing costs. Phone the Chicago Section office at 847-391-9091 if you would like to order the hard-copy version.

Some years back, the Northwestern University Library undertook a project to scan old hard-copy versions of the Chemical Bulletin and convert them to an electronic format.  Issues of the Chemical Bulletin from 1914 to 1960 were scanned, and may be found at:

Oct. 1914-June 1919:
July/Aug 1919 -December 1960: 

Click on "on line version" to access the archive at either of the above links.  The second page links to a very large file of page thumbnails, and may take a very long time to load in your browser.  You can enter a search term in the left sidebar of the thumbnail page to find pages addressing specific topics.

Chemical Bulletins from January, 2014 forward may be found at our new website.












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